Cleaning Tech Products

A technology blog cannot be complete unless every aspect of Technology is covered. This includes keeping your Tech devices neat and clean. Those folks who own White Macbook or Apple Keyboard might be more obliged to keep it clean as over time the white products become brown. Some while back I thought of using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but due to its high price and unavailability in India, I had to shelve the plan. Even if I had acquired it by some means, I would have been very reluctant to use it as there were many people on the Internet who advised to restrain precaution while using it since it was very powerful. One wrong stroke and the text on your keys could be wiped off or the surface of the Macbook could get scratched.

My Failed Attempts

Recently I had to take pictures of My Macbook and Apple Keyboard for a blog and its dirty condition stopped me from doing it. I had to clean it any how and I tried it with Utensil cleaner which are lemon based. It didn’t give much result as it was not able to remove the dirt. Then I thought of removing it with Alcohol  as I heard an office colleague was using it. I tried with one office equipment but it was the least effective in removing dirt. I later found out that he used Alcohol as a disinfectant.

Clean as Almost NewImage


When I was experimenting with Alcohol, one of my colleague advised using Clorox Bleach. I thought why not give it a try. I used Tissue Papers (well, lots of it) dipped in little Clorox (so as to not drip it on the Keyboard). After cleaning just one Key, I was convinced about its effectiveness. I cleaned every key of the Apple Keyboard and after completing it. I cleaned the white Macbook. There was some portion which it could not clean but those portion I doubt anything else could also clean. It is better to use a lint free cloth instead of Tissue Paper as sometimes small pieces of Tissue go into the Key spaces. Also, before full on cleaning, it is better to try cleaning the most unused unimportant key to confirm that the key text is not effected. It is better to be safe than sorry. Ensure that the devices are switched off because a device which is ON will get definitely get damaged if your cleaning solution goes inside it.Image



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