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21st Century is all about technology. With the advent of ip networks in the end of last century, all the technologies of yesteryear is being integrated with ip so that the concept of location has blurred. A person living in India can work for a US company. A person sitting in the office can control his home electronics. Data has gone online so that it is accessible from anywhere.

In this blog, we will look into everything related to technology.  I have always been interested in technology since my childhood and thus took up Engineering Studies from Mumbai University. I have built my career around computer networking technology. I am always interested in Computers and Technology and that makes me delve deeper into the subject.

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Cleaning Tech Products

A technology blog cannot be complete unless every aspect of Technology is covered. This includes keeping your Tech devices neat and clean. Those folks who own White Macbook or Apple Keyboard might be more obliged to keep it clean as over time the white products become brown. Some while back I thought of using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but due to its high price and unavailability in India, I had to shelve the plan. Even if I had acquired it by some means, I would have been very reluctant to use it as there were many people on the Internet who advised to restrain precaution while using it since it was very powerful. One wrong stroke and the text on your keys could be wiped off or the surface of the Macbook could get scratched. Continue reading