Hotmail IMAP on Mac Mail

It has been more than 10 years I have been using Hotmail and the one feature I have been yearning for was IMAP on Hotmail (now Every other web based email provider has it, Yahoo has it, Google has it but my primary mail has always been hotmail. I have lost more than 5 years of mails just because while configuring email with POP Protocol, the mail client was set to download messages from the server. There was no way of putting the mail back to the server once downloaded and there was no economically feasible way to take a backup of the mails back then. Also, there is the other problem of deleting and moving mails on your Laptop as well as doing the same on the Web Mail. With a recent announcement from Microsoft, has begun supporting IMAP protocol. With this, we can configure the Mac mail with IMAP and enjoy the beauty of IMAP with Hotmail. Continue reading

DSL-2750U Print Server Setup On Mac OS X

I purchased a D-LINK DSL 2750U some days back as my old router was having wifi a/b/g and not n. I wanted wireless n to increase the coverage in my house. This router is cheap as compared to other routers like Linksys, Belkin, etc but it is feature rich nonetheless. One of the free gift I got with the router was that it had a usb port. I could use the usb to either connect a hard disk or a usb printer which I have. I already bought a NAS drive some days back so I chose the usb printer option. To connect a printer to a usb port of a router is a non standard thing which not many people are aware of. Fortunately I found a document of the setup on Windows 7 on D-LINK ftp site and is as mentioned below. The installation is pretty straightforward if you follow the guidelines.

DSL-2750U Print Server Setup On Windows 7 – Download through …

Taking cues from the guide I started my venture into installing the printer on my Mac. The setup is difficult on the mac because many things are hidden and still it does not work perfectly but it works nonetheless. I ran Packet Sniffer on the Windows Laptop and it showed that the Printer is sending traffic on port 631 which is IPP. Also, after following the traffic stream, it showed the whole request from the Laptop to the printer. It was sending the Print to Also, before any time you try to print for testing, reboot the router. For some reason, it is not working when you do not reboot the router before printing. The experts on Printers might be better able to help on this. Continue reading