MPLS VPN Torn apart

MPLS is one of the topic where there is too much entry barrier as far as information is concerned. You have to deal with new protocols, different label types, MP BGP, VRFs, etc. on top of the fact that we don’t get exposure to it in our day to day networking (except if you work for an ISP). When I was taught MPLS the first time, it was very difficult for me to visualize (I rely heavily on visualization to understand a topic) the flow as labels had been flying all over the place and pushed and popped and what not. So this is my attempt to explain MPLS VPN by tearing open the packets and showing you what takes place across the network. I will try my best to make it as graphical as possible. Continue reading

MPLS VPN QoS with GNS3 and Virtualbox

The integration of Virtualbox with GNS3 has driven me crazy as simulations you can do with it are limitless. When QoS over MPLS is concerned, not many websites are available explaining it in simple terms. The vast majority of results you might get on google would refer to Cisco documentations. It gives me chills to refer to Cisco documentations as it is just too vast and the thought of it overwhelms me. So in this blog, we will see how QoS works in an MPLS environment and the various types and options available with it. We will make a vanilla MPLS setup so that we can concentrate more on QoS. Continue reading