Tracing Cables with CDP

Information Technology has become such an important part of our lives that not even a single facet of our life has been left untouched by it. The field is so vast and deep that it is not possible for one person to know everything. Every Specialty requires a specialist and some times a single person is expected to know more than one specialties. There are programmers, networkers, database admins, network and information security officers, voice admins, etc who look into managing their respective domain. There is a segment which is oft ignored and assigned to people who are reluctant on taking the responsibility or to unskilled staff. This segment is cable management. Continue reading

Why Traceroute drops packet at Last Hop?

In our work environment we are always surrounded by people who are either smarter than us or act smarter than us. If we are surrounded by people who are smarter than us, the advantage of working with such people is that you will learn a lot from them, this obviously if they are the good ones who happily share knowledge. If they are unwilling to share knowledge, their presence or absence doesn’t make a difference. If we are surrounded by people who just act smart rather than are smart, we must be very careful as the knowledge which they would be sharing might not always be right as they just want to show that they know while they know not. This can be very bad because at the learning stage if you learn all the wrong things, your foundation will be built on wrong information. The best thing anyone who does not know certain thing can do is just say that he doesn’t know so that we can search for the right reason. The best thing about knowledge is that it is no ones property. Whoever desires to acquire knowledge can easily do it. Continue reading

Linux Server for Students and Freshers

Every professional must have faced a dilemma at least once in their life where they are not recruited because they don’t have work experience. How can they get Work experience until they are recruited once? Thanks to simulations, folks who are in IT can at least work on a simulation of what they expect at work place. For those who intend to get into networking, there are simulations available which can simulate networks with real operating systems. For those who intend to get into Linux server administrations, Simulations are not exactly required as almost anyone can install Linux on a system or dual boot your laptop or desktop. There are still cases where you don’t want to install Linux on your working system or there is no system to install Linux on. Thank God for Raspberry Pi, a computer is in everyones reach now.Image

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GNS3 and Virtualbox for Certified Ethical Hacking

With the addition of Virtualbox support to GNS3, the possibilities are endless as to what can be achieved from it. The whole Internet can be simulated if your system has the horse power. Those who want to learn CEH and those who want to test certain requirements, it is best to not do it on a live network or live server because if anything goes wrong, the one who is responsible for giving 99.9% uptime will have unfortunately caused a downtime. There are many Pen Test tools which are so harmful that it could destroy the Kernel of an operating system and which is absolutely not something you want. In a less severe case, a test can cause a system to reboot causing downtime.

For some while now, Ethical hackers have been using Virtual Machines to do Pen-testing in an offline environment. The problem with this is that the actual network cannot be simulated i.e. how the server interacts in a routed network and behind a firewall could not be simulated. The vulnerabilities of end hosts could only be tested. The responsibility of an Ethical Hacker is not only to check vulnerabilities in a server but every element of the network which gives 99.9% uptime to the server. An example of this would be that you have absolutely secured your server but the hacker compromises your router and shuts your internet links down. This would cause the same effect as when your server were to go down.

With GNS3 Virtualbox edition, you can use simulate your whole network with servers, routers, firewalls, etc. so that you can see a bigger picture and thus will be able to better protect your network. One thing I will point out now is that the whole network might be impossible for a single person to simulate as it requires expertise in Networks, security, systems, applications, etc. If a person were able to simulate all these himself, then this blog might not be suited for him as his skill set is much beyond the average IT guy. In order to successfully deploy this simulation, you might require help from the network, security and even the system guys depending upon what you are not an expert in. There are resources on the Internet for configuring all of these like using a Virtual-machine on virtualbox, etc. Continue reading