Multiple Time Machine Backups on Buffalo NAS

Since the time NAS drives became cheaper, it has found its way in homes and small offices. Manufacturers have come up with ingenious uses for it which was not possible before. NAS drives have become computers on their own with their own OS and can replace a PC in many cases. NAS drives can be used for File sharing thus eliminating the need for a PC to be on 24×7. NAS drives can be used for downloading via Torrents thus eliminating a PC to be ON throughout night. NAS drives can be used for hosting simple Web servers. NAS drives can be used as a Media Server hosting and sharing Media throughout the home via DLNA. There are some NAS drives which can host a USB Printer thus eliminating the need for a PC to be ON for sharing printers. You can make your private cloud with NAS drives. Since NAS Drives are generally of larger capacities, they are used for backup of important data. Thanks to Time Machine support, NAS drive can backup data from all Mac computers at home without the need of a USB hard drive. Also, since you are already part of the network, there is no need to do any physical connecting and disconnecting of peripherals.BUFFALO-LinkStation-Live-2-TB-Network-Attached-Storage-NAS-LS-X2-0TL

Many people are aware of NAS drive as a Network backup device but they are not aware that one NAS drive can take backup from multiple Macs. Since Apple fans stick with Apple products, it is quite common for one home to have multiple Mac computers. Continue reading

MPLS across Multiple Cities over Internet

Many articles have been written about MPLS VPN amongst different ISPs but not much information is available if there is a global ISP having PoPs across several cities in the world. In this blog, we will look into a way of providing MPLS connectivity to customers present across various cities of the world where you have point of presence. Since, the geographical location of your PoPs are diverse, your PoPs might as well be connected over the Internet. Continue reading

Load Balancing multiple Internet Connections

This is a topic much discussed in forums but leading to no solutions. The main problem with load balancing Internet connections is that every internet comes with its own ip address. This unique ip address is provided by your ISP. Your ip address is the unique distinguishing factor which is the reason why the request you sent is served back to you and not to anybody else. When you think of load balancing, the thought comes to your mind that both your internet link will be equally used to give redundancy and increased throughput. This can happen if half of the requests are sent through one link and the rest half through the other. This should cause the return traffic to be load balanced between your 2 internet connections. Continue reading